Dried Black Lotus Seed

Dried Black Lotus Seed Specification: 92-96 seeds/100 gram Moisture: 13.5% max Admixture: 0.5% max Machine Clean Packing: 50Kgs/PP Bag Loading: 18,000 Kgs/20ft DC Origin: Vietnam

Dragon Fruit (1)
Dragon Fruit
Shape: Whole Inside Color: Red, White Outside Color: Natural Red Standard: Fresh, nice skin, no rotten Taste: natural light sweet Origin: Vietnam Cert: Global Gap
Dried Whole Pomelo
Dried Immature Pomelo
Diameter: 2.5-4.5 cm Shape: Whole, Half Split and Quater Split Moisture: 13.5% max Origin: Vietnam Use: Traditional use, extract
Dried Black Fungus strips (2)
Dried Black Fungus Strips
Other Name: Dried Black Fungus Slices Specification: – Slices, Strips – Root Off, Washed – Moisture: 12% Max – Impurities: 0.1% Max – Packing: 10kg/ PE + Carton Box – No harmful weevils & chemicals
Polyscias fruticosa 2
Polyscias fruticosa
80% Tree foot, 20% Root Color: natural white and light brown Moisture: 10% max Impurities: 1% max
Dried Whole Betel Nuts
  • Specifications:
Moisture: 13% Max Foreign Matters: 3% Max Free of Insects 80% Good cut
  • Packing: 50Kgs/Jute Bag
  • Loading: 18 Tons/20ft DC
Japanese pagoda tree flowers and buds (2)
Japanese Pagoda tree buds (Styphnolobium japonicum)
Saphora Japonica Flower
  • Specification:
Moisture: 12% max Flower and bud >95% Stems: 5% or less
  • Packing: 50kg PP bag
  • Loading: 12 tons per 20ft DC
  • Main crop season: May – July, October – December
  • Origin: Vietnam
Demon Chilli (2)
Dried Demon F1 Hot Chilli
  • Specification:
Hotness: 68,564 SHU (Scoville Unit) Length:4-6cm Moisture: 8% max. Impurity: max 1% No speckle,no mould,no afflatoxin,no salmonela.
  • Packing: 25KG/ PPbag
  • Loading: 6.5 Mts per 20ft DC
  • Origin: Vietnam
Dried 207 F1 Hot Chilli
Dried 207 F1 hot chilli
  • Specification:
Hotness: 101,000 SHU (Scoville Unit) Length:3-5cm Stem: off Moisture: 8% max. Impurity: max 1% No speckle,no mould,no aflatoxin,no salmonela.
  • Packing: 25KG/PP bag
  • Loading: 6.5 Mts per 20ft DC
Immature Orange
Dried Immature Orange
Diameter: 18mm-30mm Moisture: 8% max Origin: Vietnam
semi husked coconut 5
Semi husked Mature Coconut
  • Size:
500gr - 700gr /nut 700gr - 1,000gr /nut 1000gr up /nut
  • Packing: 25 nuts / mesh bag
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Around Year
Fresh Young Coconut
Diamond Shape Size: 800gram - 1,300 gram/nut Size: 750gram  - 1,200 gram/nut Packing: 9 nuts / carton box Origin: Vietnam Around year